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Marco Reus in a suit

did you mean: sex on legs?

something like that?


Imagine Mario stood on the ledge of multi storey building because of the abuse he suffered after leaving BVB but Marco is with him and talks him out of it. :( but <3

Oh goodness this is so sad, yet happy all at the same time!

Poor Mario was under so much stress that I can imagine after a while it all just became too much for him. It was almost like something out of the movies. The night was cold enough to see your breath, the stars were out and shining bright, and the moon was nearly full, Mario couldn’t have picked a better night. A puff of breath exhaled from the figure that was standing at the edge of the roof. Big watery brown eyes looked down, it was 25 stories from the roof top to the empty street below. There was no one out tonight, no one here to stop him, no one here to support him…no one here to love him. He had left everything behind in Dortmund in pursuit of expanding his skills as a footballer and now it just seemed like everything was falling apart. He wasn’t getting much play time, which means less time to prove himself and the overwhelming ‘hate’ he was receiving from people who used to adore him was too much for him to bare. Shifting slightly, a small right foot moved forward and hovered over the vast nothingness underneath of it….’MARIO NO!’ the voice shocked him and the foot returned to it’s spot on the ledge so he could turn to see where it had come from.

It was Marco, standing in the doorway that lead to the roof top, large puffs of air lingered in front of the worried face from being out breath, probably from running up the stairs. The blonde man had come to Bayern to surprise his friend and make a few confessions but once he had gotten to Mario’s house he had found the smaller man nowhere to be found. What he did find frightened him more than anything ever had, it was a suicide note. How could Mario think about doing such a thing? Without thinking he ran around the city like a madman, questioning anyone he came across, hoping to find the object of his affections and it looks like he made it just in time. ‘Please come down Mario. You don’t have to do this. You..’ but he was interrupted by the distraught figure on the ledge.

'Don't Marco. Just don't..' he said in a shaky voice. 'I know…i know you don't understand but I can't do this anymore. I'm not good enough. What do I have left?'

'Me!' Marco screamed. 'You have me. Please listen Mario. I love you. That's the whole reason I came here! I couldn't stand having you think I was angry with you for leaving because I'm not. I was angry at myself for waiting so long to tell you. If you don't love me back that's fine, but pleeaase don't do this' he whispered the last sentence in desperation. You didn't know what fear was until you were looking at the person you love about to end their life…and possibly because of something you did. 

'You…love me?' Mario asked as he turned around completely to face Marco. He was about to ask if he was lying to him just to get him to come down, but then brown eyes met blue and Mario couldn't stop the tears that started running down his face. There was no lying in those eyes. Marco was here for him and sudden;y everything else just didn't matter anymore. The short Bavarian had had feelings for the older man as long as he could remember but had never had the guts to tell him and now he was finding out that those feelings were returned.

Without thinking twice, Mario hoped back onto the roof and ran over to the blonde, throwing his arms around him in a tight embrace. ‘All I ever wanted was you Marco. I love you too’

(I hope this wasn’t too long! XD and thanks for the ask!) 

tell us the story of the hair dryer XD

Ah yes, the hair dryer story ^_^ It goes something like this:

Mario couldn’t understand why everyone would snicker when he walked by in the locker room. They were on the international break and they had just finished up training. He didn’t think he had done anything embarrassing or incorrect during training, so what was everyone laughing at? Brown eyes scanned the faces as he walked past, all of them smug like they knew a secret he did not. Finally, it all became too much for him and he grabbed hold of Mats who had busted out into laughter as he came around the corner. ‘What’s so funny damn it?! Why is everyone laughing at me?!’ he yelled into the taller mans face.

'Woah Mario, chill.' Mats replied with a chuckle. 'It's just that people saw what was in your locker. Why do you have that thing anyway?' 

Mario’s face scrunched up in confusion. Something in his locker? What could have possibly been in his locker that people found so hilarious? Irritated he stomped passed Mats and down the hall to his locker to see what this was all about. Once he reached it he quickly jerked it open and what he saw made his jaw drop. It was a light pink hair dryer sitting on the shelf in his locker. How the hell had that gotten in his locker?! But who was he kidding, he knew exactly how it had gotten there. ‘MARCO!!!!!’

Since he and Marco had no secrets he knew that this hair dryer belonged to his lover. Marco had stolen it from his sister a while ago because he claimed it was the only one that worked perfectly on his hair. And apparently when they got to the training grounds, the blonde had stuck it in Mario’s locker so no one would think it was his. He was going to have a lot of explaining to do once Mario got his hands on him. 

And that’s the hair dryer story! LOL! 


Mario via FB
The shirt Mario had in his hands was probably the one he slept with it a night because it smelt like his man :3

Omg anon yes! When I saw that he still has that shirt on audi star talk, I couldn’t believe it! Not only did he take it to Brazil with him, but he still has it and you just know he sleeps with it when his man isn’t around XD.I love it!